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What We Do

Day to Day at the Farm

June 2018

Zoom in Man using a water wheel transplanter to plant tomatoes.
June 15: Final tomato planting

May 2018

Zoom in Student towing and dropping strings from a trellis wire.
May 15: Undergraduate research
Zoom in Woman laying black plastic mulch on a field.
May 5: Laying black plastic mulch

April 2018

Zoom in Greenhouse seedlings.
April 23: Greenhouse seedlings
Zoom in Hunterdon County ag agent Megan Muehlbauer grafting an apple tree using a method known as topworking.
April 23: Cider apple grafting
Zoom in Ancient grains demo plot.
April 23: Ancient grains demo plot
Zoom in Precision seeding.
April 20: Ancient Grains precision seeding
Zoom in Two men watering crops.
April 13: Watering transplants