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Rutgers 250 tomato seedlings.
specialty tomato assortmento.
A dish made with tomatoes.
Great Tomato Tasting at Home Great Tomato Tasting at Home

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Great Tomato Tasting at Home was held live on August 26, 2020. The activities featured the historic connection between Rutgers NJAES and tomatoes as well as some of the ongoing research projects at the Rutgers Snyder Research and Extension Farm. Learn more about growing, preparing and preserving tomatoes from recordings of the activities and take advantage of our many other tomato resources below.

Recorded Webinars

  1. Facebook Live: Let's Make Roasted Tomato & White Bean Dip

    Watch FCHS Educator Sandra Grennci make an easy roasted tomato and white bean dip to enjoy with veggies, crackers or spread on bread.

  2. Growing Tomatoes Q & A Session with RCE Experts

    Learn about common tomato pests and problems and get your specific questions addressed by Agriculture and Natural Resources Agents Peter Nitzsche and William Hlubik.

  3. Facebook Live: Let's Make Jersey Tomato Peach Salsa

    Join FCHS Educator Daryl Minch as she makes zesty Garden State Salsa with tomatoes and peaches.

  4. Virtual Tour of Research at Rutgers Snyder Research & Extension Farm

    Get a look at the current research projects at the farm and learn how the results may benefit farmers, gardeners and beyond. Viewers will have the opportunity to see and learn about projects looking at traditional crops such as tomatoes, apples, and basil as well as new crops such as hazelnut, yacon and hemp guided by Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent Megan Muehlbauer.

  5. Let's Eat and Preserve Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are delicious and versatile fresh, but you can also preserve a bountiful harvest to enjoy another day. Join us to learn about the nutritional benefits of tomatoes, recipe ideas and tips and learn how to freeze, dehydrate, and can tomatoes. Presenters: Daryl Minch and Alexandra Grenci, Family and Community Health Sciences Educators and experts in home food preservation.

  6. Tomatoes and Rutgers – Past, Present, and Future

    Rutgers NJAES has a historic relationship with New Jersey's state vegetable. Get a taste of this history and how tomato varieties have been created and released to the benefit of farmers and gardeners with Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent Peter Nitzsche.

Tomato Resources