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2019 Great Tomato Tasting Photos

Zoom in A garden full of deer-resistant plants.
Deer-resistant garden display.
Zoom in Table full of yellow platic containeeers full of tomatoes.
Just a few of the 80-plus tomato varieties to taste.
Zoom in Autumn display featuring dummys dressed like a farm family, with melons for heads.
The Melonhead family welcoming visitors to the Tomato Tasting/Open House.
Zoom in A sign that reads, '864 tons of produce were given to local food banks by this farm since 1992'.
Snyder Research & Extension farm proudly supports Rutgers Against Hunger (RAH).
Zoom in A tractor pulling a wagon full of people past a cord field.
Wagon tours highlighting the research being conduct at the farm.
Zoom in Makeing peach jam in a pot.
Making peach jam.
Zoom in Jars of canned peach jam.
Jars of canned peach jam.
Zoom in Samples of peach jam.
Samples of peach jam.