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Tomato Tasting Seed Source List

2015 Snyder Farm Observation Trial
Beefsteak/Extra Large
Tomato Variety Seed Source*
Beefsteak Totally Tomatoes
Big Brandy Tomato Growers Supply Co
Brandywine Stokes
Burpee's Big Boy Totally Tomatoes
German Johnson Pink Totally Tomatoes
Granny Cantrell's Totally Tomatoes
Harless Creek Gold Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Hillbilly Rupp Seeds
Magnum Tomato Growers Supply Co
Mortgage Lifter Totally Tomatoes
Mrs. Maxwell's Big Italian Hr Seeds N Such
Pineapple Pig Totally Tomatoes
Querida Seeds Of Change
Red Anjou J. W. Jung Seed Co.
Red Rose Tomato Growers Supply Co
Tennessee Britches Penny's Tomatoes
Tomato Variety Seed Source*
Baxter's Early Bush Cherry Tomato Growers Supply Co
BHN 268 Seedway
Black Cherry Tomato Growers Supply Co
Black Mauri Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Brown Berry Seed Savers Exchange
Clementine Johnny's Selected Seeds
Corbarino Territorial Seed Co.
Dr. Carolyn Tomato Growers Supply Co
Garnet Tomato Growers Supply Co
Green Grape Tomato Growers Supply Co
Gum Drop Willhite
Honey Bunch Yellow Stokes
Indigo Gold Berries Tomato Growers Supply Co
Indigo Ruby Territorial Seed Co.
Isis Candy Seed Savers Exchange
Ivory Pear Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Juliet Johnny's Selected Seeds
Lemon Drop Totally Tomatoes
Matthew Territorial Seed Co.
Mirabelle Blanche Cook's Garden Seeds
Orange Sunshine Totally Tomatoes
Orange Zinger Totally Tomatoes
Placero Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Principe Borghese Seed Savers Exchange
Rapunzel Tomato Growers Supply Co
Ravello Totally Tomatoes
Rojita Johnny's Selected Seeds
Rosella Totally Tomatoes
Snow White Tomato Growers Supply Co
Snowberry Totally Tomatoes
Sun Gold Tomato Growers Supply Co
Sunchocola Harris Seeds
Sunlemon Territorial Seed Co.
Super Sweet 100 Totally Tomatoes
Sweet Canary Rupp Seeds
Sweet Treats Totally Tomatoes
Sweet Zen Rupp Seeds
Sweetie Irish Eyes Garden Seeds
Tasty Treat Burpee
Tomatoberry Garden Totally Tomatoes
Yellow Cherry Totally Tomatoes
Yellow Pear Totally Tomatoes
Tomato Variety Seed Source*
BHN 901 Bhn Seeds
Black Plum Tomato Growers Supply Co
Cacady's Folly Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Golden San Marzano Territorial Seed Co.
Green Sausage Totally Tomatoes
Health Kick Tomato Growers Supply Co
Huichol Seminis
Mint Julep Tomato Growers Supply Co
Orange Roma Penny's Tomatoes
Rio Grande Ferry-Morse Seed Co.
Roma Burpee
Sweet Aroma Burpee
Tomato Variety Seed Source*
Amish Gold Slicer Totally Tomatoes
Arbason Natural Gardening Co.
Arkansas Traveler Totally Tomatoes
Artic Rose Penny's Tomatoes
Basrawya Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Better Boy Stokes
BHN 444 Totally Tomatoes
BHN 602 Tomato Growers Supply Co
Big Beef Tomato Growers Supply Co
Black Krim Johnny's Selected Seeds
Black Prince Stokes
Bobcat Territorial
Box Car Willie Totally Tomatoes
Buckbees New Fifty Day Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Burpee's Summer Choice Burpee
Bush Beefsteak Totally Tomatoes
Bush Early Girl II Totally Tomatoes
Caiman Territorial
Carmelita Cook's Garden Seeds
Caro Rich Totally Tomatoes
Celebration Willhite
Celebrity Seedway
Ceylon Undetermined
Chancha Seeds Of Change
Chef's Choice Orange Totally Tomatoes
Cloudy Day Burpee
Costoluto Florentino Territorial
Crimson Sprinter Seeds Of Change
Csiko Botermo Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Dads Sunset Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
David Davidson's Seed Savers Exchange
Early Choice Seeds N Such
Early Doll Willhite
Early Girl Totally Tomatoes
Emerald Evergreen Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Ferline Totally Tomatoes
Fireworks Tomato Growers Supply Co
Florida 91 Undetermined
Garden Peach Tomato Growers Supply Co
Genuwine Totally Tomatoes
Golden Sunburst Pinetree Garden Seeds
Golova Negra Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Grandaddy J. W. Jung Seed Co.
Green Berkeley Tie-Dye Tomato Growers Supply Co
Green Tiger Tomato Growers Supply Co
Jersey Boy Burpee
Jubilee Willhite
Jung's Wayahead J. W. Jung Seed Co.
KC 146 Rutgers NJAES
Lemon Boy Totally Tomatoes
Marglobe Improved Totally Tomatoes
Moneymaker Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Moreton Harris Seeds
Mountain Fresh Plus Totally Tomatoes
Mountain Majesty Totally Tomatoes
Orange Blossom Johnny's Selected Seeds
Park's Beefy Boy Totally Tomatoes
Perfect Flame Totally Tomatoes
Pink Boar Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Pink Girl Totally Tomatoes
Pink Tiger Tomato Growers Supply Co
Polar Star Irish Eyes Garden Seeds
Rally Twilley
Ramapo Rutgers NJAES
Red Morning Stokes
Red Mountain Stokes
Red Zebra Undetermined
Sasha's Pride Irish Eyes Garden Seeds
Skyway Johnny's Selected Seeds
Solar Flare Totally Tomatoes
Summerpick Seedway
Sunny Blue Ribbon Seeds N Such
Sunray Totally Tomatoes
Sweet Carnernos Pink Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Top Gun Twilley
Tropic Tomato Growers Supply Co
Tye-Dye Totally Tomatoes
Umamin The Cook's Garden
White Wax Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Wild Fred Penny's Tomatoes
Yellow Stuffer Totally Tomatoes

*The seed sources listed are the ones used specifically for this year's event. Mention of a plant variety or seed company does not constitute an endorsement by Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension and does not imply approval to the exclusion of other plants or seed companies. Internet search engines can provide additional sources for these seeds and others and other seed sources.

Wednesday, August 24, 2015