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Tomato Tasting Seed Source List

2013 Snyder Farm Observation Trial
Beefsteak/Extra Large
Tomato Variety Seed Source*
Aunt Ginny's Tomato Growers Supply Co
Aunt Ruby's German Green Totally Tomatoes
Beall's Gourmet Northern Organic Vegetable Imrpovement Cooperative
Brandywine Stokes
Brandywine Black Totally Tomatoes
Cherokee Chocolate Tomato Growers Supply Co
Georgia Streak Totally Tomatoes
German Giant Tomato Growers Supply Co
Giant Syrian Penny's Tomatoes
Heirloom Orange Willhite
Martian Giant Seeds Of Change
Mater Sandwich Park Seed Co.
Mortgage Lifter Totally Tomatoes
Pork Chop Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Rose De Berne Tomato Growers Supply Co
Sicilian Saucer Penny's Tomatoes
Tidwell German Tomato Growers Supply Co
Virginia Sweets Tomato Growers Supply Co
Wes Tomato Growers Supply Co
Tomato Variety Seed Source*
Amsterdam Seminis
Aunt Ruby's German Cherry Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Baby Bottle Territorial Seed Co.
Black Mauri Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Blush Tomato Growers Supply Co
Brown Berry Seed Savers Exchange
Cherry Sweetie Park Seed Co.
Chocolate Cherry Totally Tomatoes
Cupid (S 2036) Totally Tomatoes
Golden Gem Park Seed Co.
Golden Sweet Tomato Growers Supply Co
Green Doctors Tomato Growers Supply Co
Green Zebra Cherry Tomato Growers Supply Co
Jasper Johnny's Selected Seeds
Lemon Drop Totally Tomatoes
Mighty Sweet Burpee
Montesino Johnny's Selected Seeds
Nature Bites Totally Tomatoes
Nectar Park Seed Co.
Orange Fizz Territorial Seed Co.
Pearly Pink Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Power Pops Burpee
Snow White Tomato Growers Supply Co
Sugar Lump Totally Tomatoes
Sugary Tomato Growers Supply Co
Sunchocola Harris Seeds
Sungreen Garden Territorial Seed Co.
Sunpeach Johnny's Selected Seeds
Super Sweet 100 Totally Tomatoes
Sweet Hearts Stokes
Sweet Million Tomato Growers Supply Co
Tasty Treat Burpee
Thai Pink Egg Pinetree Garden Seeds
Tomatoberry Garden Totally Tomatoes
Toronjina High Mowing Organic Seeds
Yellow Pear Totally Tomatoes
Tomato Variety Seed Source*
Banana Legs Totally Tomatoes
Bellestar Stokes
Blush Tomato Growers Supply Co
Cacady's Folly Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Green Sausage Totally Tomatoes
La Roma III Totally Tomatoes
Lemon Tree Park Seed Co.
Lizziebelle Harris Seeds
Lunch Box Stokes
Martino's Roma Totally Tomatoes
Maya Seminis
Purple Russian Totally Tomatoes
Ranger Territorial Seed Co.
SuperSauce Burpee
Tomato Variety Seed Source*
Baby Bottle Red Pear Territorial Seed Co.
BHN 961 Siegers Seed Co.
Bison Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Black Krim Johnny's Selected Seeds
Black Velvet Seedway
Box Car Willie Totally Tomatoes
Bulgarian Triumph Tomato Growers Supply Co
Celebration Willhite
Costoluto Genovese Totally Tomatoes
Csiko Botermo Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Dads Sunset Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Debut Stokes
Early Doll Willhite
Early Treat Burpee
Fabulous Seedway
Fantastic Stokes
Fenda Harris Seeds
Ferline Totally Tomatoes
FLA 47R Siegers Seed Co.
Floradade Penny's Tomatoes
Frazier's Gem Territorial Seed Co.
Fried Green Tomato Cook's Garden Seeds
Geronimo Johnny's Selected Seeds
Golden Jubilee Totally Tomatoes
Green Zebra Johnny's Selected Seeds
Gremlin Harris Moran
Homestead Penny's Tomatoes
Indian Stripe Tomato Growers Supply Co
Iron Lady High Mowing Organic Seeds
Jubilee Willhite
KC 146 Rutgers NJAES
Lemon Boy Totally Tomatoes
Manyel Pinetree Garden Seeds
Marmande Reimers Seeds
Moreton Harris Seeds
Mountain Glory Harris Seeds
Mountain Magic Bejo Seeds
Mountain Merit Johnny's Selected Seeds
Phoenix Tomato Growers Supply Co
Premio Harris Seeds
Primo Red Harris Moran
Ramapo Rutgers NJAES
Red Defender Totally Tomatoes
Red Rose Tomato Growers Supply Co
Rosso Sicilian Totally Tomatoes
Rutgers Rutgers NJAES
Rutgers 39 Harris Seeds
Scarlet Red Harris Moran
Skorospelka Willhite
Slava Totally Tomatoes
Sleeping Lady Penny's Tomatoes
Solar Power Burpee
Sunkist High Mowing Organic Seeds
Sunset Falls Tomato Growers Supply Co
Sunshine Heirloom Rupp Seeds
Sunstart Rupp Seeds
Sweet Seedless Totally Tomatoes
Tigerella Totally Tomatoes
Topaz or Huan u Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Tye‐Dye Totally Tomatoes
Woodle Orange Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Yellow Peach Northern Organic Vegetable Imrpovement Cooperative
Yellow Stuffer Totally Tomatoes

*The seed sources listed are the ones used specifically for this year's event. Mention of a plant variety or seed company does not constitute an endorsement by Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension and does not imply approval to the exclusion of other plants or seed companies. Internet search engines can provide additional sources for these seeds and others and other seed sources.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013