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Network for Environment and Weather Applications

NEWA is a web-based weather and pest reporting and forecasting system for insect and disease pests of fruits and vegetables.

What does this gathering of weather, regional insect & disease forecasts mean for you, the grower? As part of a farm IPM plan, NEWA users report they can save (on average) $19,500/year in spray costs, and prevent (on average) $264,000/year in crop losses as a direct result of using NEWA. NEWA keeps you apprised of conditions in your area and aids in decision-making, resulting in enhanced pest control with reduced costs and environmental burden.

NEWA is operated by and funded through the NYS IPM Program. This year, NEWA is available free-of-charge to New Jersey growers via support from Rutgers NJAES. Initial NJ funding courtesy the Outer Coastal Plain Vineyard Association.


How to Use NEWA on NJ Farms Instructions for New Jersey Farmers (online PowerPoint)

How to Use NEWA on NJ Farms Instructions for New Jersey Farmers (pdf)

NEWA Integration Networks 2012. Poster describing NEWA integration activities in NY,

Interested in Learning More about NEWA Use in NJ?

Contact: Win Cowgill, Andy Wyenandt, Peter Oudemans, or Joseph Ingerson-Mahar.