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Modified backpack sprayers offer versatile features including: simple design, inexpensive price, professional nozzle technology accuracy, and easy, safe filling/cleaning.

This makes them an efficient, ideal choice for small, organic, or urban farms; small jobs on larger farms; and for short season crops, spot problems, work around field impediments (fences, slopes), and work inside high tunnels and greenhouses.

Rutgers NJAES Snyder Research Farm Director John Grande has tested and now shares methods to modify backpack sprayers increasing their accuracy, improving ease of use, and for successfully applying organic products. Check out these seven short videos to learn how to better use your time and money, as well as increase safety on your farm.

Video 1
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Video 2

Conversion Steps

Handout: Materials List
Video 3

Choosing the Right Sprayer

Video 4

Proper Calibration

Handout: Calibration Instructions
Handout: Calculating Product Rate
Video 5

Comparing Spray Nozzle Design

Handout: Choosing Nozzles
Video 6

Gasoline Powered Sprayers

Video 7

Accurately Measuring Product

Handout: Supply List
Handout: Calculating Product Rate

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