Backpack Sprayer Modification

Modified backpack sprayers offer versatile features including: simple design, inexpensive price, professional nozzle technology accuracy, and easy, safe filling/cleaning.

This makes them an efficient, ideal choice for small, organic, or urban farms; small jobs on larger farms; and for short season crops, spot problems, work around field impediments (fences, slopes), and work inside high tunnels and greenhouses.

Rutgers NJAES Snyder Research Farm Director John Grande has tested and now shares methods to modify backpack sprayers increasing their accuracy, improving ease of use, and for successfully applying organic products. Check out these seven short videos to learn how to better use your time and money, as well as increase safety on your farm.

J. Grande Demonstrates Backpack Sprayer ModificationClick to View Backpack Sprayer Video Series

Lawn Fertilizer Law Guide

Do you fertilize your lawn? The NJ Fertilizer Law was enacted to protect water quality. Learn how the law affects you. Explore tools to help calculate fertilizer needs and learn how to calibrate your spreader to avoid applying more fertilizer than your lawn can take up.

Fertilizer Spreader Calibration

Professional Turf Fertilizer Applicator? See ProFACT for training and certification.

Managing Large Lots

At our Turf Field Days - Managing Large Lots clinics, homeowners of multi-acre properties are encouraged to divide their property into separate management zones: front yard, back yard, and “The Back Acres.” We recommend this because, for cost reasons and sustainability, the cultural practices for each of these areas of a property are different. Attempting to use the same equipment, seed, weed & pest control agents you might find at a garden center for the care of a typical front yard, on 2 to 10 acres would bankrupt most homeowners.

During this educational program, we introduce and stress the importance of “good cultural practices.” In farming, the term refers to the specific set of methods used to maximize the growth and health of a particular crop. Our crop in this case is turfgrass and there are known cultural practices that influence its health and beauty.

Small-Farm Equipment

Snyder Research and Extension Farm faculty and staff conducted a hands-on equipment demonstration in the field for 28 participants engaged as beginning, first-generation or part-time small farmers, managers, or Ag professionals.

Rutgers NJAES maintains a unique institutional farm capacity, equipment ownership, and ability to transport, aggregate, operate, and demonstrate more than 40 pieces of specialty smaller-scale farming equipment. For this demonstration, five Rutgers NJAES professional farm staff, with decades of combined equipment operating experience and insight, were the field instructors. Farmers educating farmers remains the most effective method of transferring farm equipment selection and operating skills.

Commercial Growers: Who to Call about Wildlife Damage

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