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The 2011 NJ Fertilizer Law requires Professional Fertilizer Applicators, individuals who apply fertilizer to turf within the scope of their employment, to undergo training.

  • Required training is through ProFACT & includes:
    1. the proper use and calibration of fertilizer application equipment;
    2. the hazards involved in, and the environmental impact of, applying fertilizer, including nutrient pollution to the State’s waterbodies;
    3. all applicable State and federal laws, rules and regulations;
    4. the correct interpretation of fertilizer labeling information;
    5. the best management practices developed by the NJAES for nutrient management in turf.
  • Two classifications of Professional Fertilizer Applicators are established by law:
    • Certified: An individual who has undergone ProFACT training and passed the Certification Examination.
    • Trained: An individual who has undergone ProFACT training. Trained Professional Fertilizer Applicators may only apply fertilizer under the direct supervision of a Certified Professional Fertilizer Applicator.
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