Education and Community Engagement

Education and community service were defining ideals for Clifford and Melda Snyder. Snyder Farm continues their work through on-farm internships, collaberation with local school, the Clifford and Melda Snyder Student Loan Fund, and hungar relief efforts with donations to local food banks and community gleaning efforts.

Rutgers Master Gardener Program

If you have an interest in horticulture and a commitment to volunteer service, consider becoming a Rutgers Master Gardener. Eighteen counties in New Jersey offer Rutgers Master Gardener training. Join a team that makes positive impacts on our environment and communities.

At Snyder Farm we feel privileged to have Rutgers Master Gardeners involved in the day-to-day operations of the farm. The Melda C. Snyder Teaching Garden is a training site for hundreds of Rutgers Master Gardeners. Rutgers Master Gardeners assist investigators with their research projects at Snyder Farm, and their tireless work makes possible the annual Great Tomato Tasting event, which is attended by more than 1,500 people.

The Teaching Garden

The Melda Snyder Teaching Garden has been created to promote and provide accurate information about the art of horticulture with an emphasis upon the relationship between plants, human health and nutrition in the home garden setting.

Melda Snyder was active as a teacher and school administrator, all the while an integral part of a farm family business. In 1992, the Melda C. Snyder Teaching Garden was established acknowledging her accomplishments as a teacher and farmer. Tens of thousands of visitors have enjoyed and learned from visiting the Teaching Garden.

Nationally, over $25 billion annually is spent on gardening. Our consumer horticulture program provides information to the gardening public utilizing expertise of New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station and Rutgers Cooperative Extension personnel in a learn-by-doing atmosphere.

The Melda C. Snyder Teaching Garden serves to educate the non-farming public on lawn and garden issues. Our faculty, staff, and Rutgers Master Gardeners offer science-based factual information to home gardeners visiting the Teaching Garden and attending a variety of educational events such as plant clinics, gardening demonstrations, field day programs, and horticultural therapy workshops.

Clifford E. & Melda C. Snyder Research And Extension Farm